Child and Family Therapy

Family therapy is an important resource that can be used for a variety of reasons. Many people call us for counseling when their child is experiencing problems. These problems vary from family to family. Problems often include arguments, isolation, attitude, declining grades, irritability, depression, or anxiety. However, about 20% of families call us to use family counseling as a tool to improve their already healthy family dynamics. For these families we usually focus on improving attachment, communication, and understanding.

  • For common family obstacles - arguments, isolation, drama, lying, frustration
  • Helping families help their children
  • Build connection
  • Improve communication
  • Understand each other


Developmental Trauma

Many people believe that trauma only occurs from some type of abuse. However, developmental trauma can come from a variety of adverse childhood experiences. Children have different strengths and some are more resilient in different areas than others. One child may experience a stressful event like parent’s divorce, birth trauma, or emotional neglect and develop normally, while another may experience significant problems. Age also plays a role in how children grow after stressful events. Depending on the child’s unique background, they could encounter difficulties early on or later into adulthood. This information is to help parents and caregivers understand that early intervention to improve attachment and family connection is vital to raising a healthy child.

  • For non-traditional trauma or developmental trauma - pregnancy complications, birth problems, attachment difficulties, separation from caregiver, stressful life events and severe anxiety
  • Rewire the brain for new connections that will help the child relate differently to their life and loved ones
  • Strengthen attachment


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