Group psychotherapy is a needed addition to your child’s weekly schedule if they are experiencing problems that disrupt their life. Group psychotherapy can enhance ongoing individual therapy, be a great step-down out of ongoing treatment, or possibly eliminate the need for individual treatment. Social support is a major factor in resiliency and flourishing for all people, especially adolescents and teenagers. These groups offer creative methods for learning effective skills, relating to problems differently, an open space to discuss thoughts and feelings, and a safe and supportive environment.

Group therapy sessions are 75 minutes. If you are a caregiver, please be present for the last 15 minutes of each group. Caregivers are included at the end of each group therapy session to receive a summary so they may support their child's learning and positive changes throughout the week. Caregivers are welcome to ask questions during this time. Caregivers are an important piece to group therapy and the end of each session often includes a communication exercise with their child.


Does your child have nervous habits that disrupt their life? Are they a worrier? Do they withdraw from participating in life because of fear or doubt? Do they have intrusive thoughts? What about frequent physical complaints that have no medical explanation? This group is for that child!


Does your child seem sad and withdrawn? What about irritable and moody? Disheveled appearance and low self-esteem? Does your child have trouble relating to you or their peers? This group is for that child!

Social Skills

Does your child struggle in creating or maintaining friendships? Do they often have problems with their peers? Do you think they could benefit from improving on their social skills? Does your child sometimes tell extravagant stories that could be a turn off to others? What about low self-esteem? This group is for that child!

Little Ones Learning the Basics

Is your child having trouble following the rules? Do you receive phone calls from school or daycare about your child’s behavior? Are you concerned about why your child just doesn’t seem to listen, share, talk about what’s going, and more? This group is for that child.