People who practice mindfulness live happier and healthier lives. Mindfulness can be achieved in different ways. Meditation is the most well-known tool to reach mindfulness. Think of it like a fleet of cars on a road trip, destination mindfulness. Each car is a different vehicle used to reach the destination. Let me help you learn and identify which methods fit best with you to incorporate mindfulness in your daily life and change the way you experience difficulties while increasing positive psychological and physiological responses.

Prenatal Mindfulness Group     ***The first series has ended with great success. Please call to learn more or to find out the schedule for the second series.***

This group is designed for pregnant women at any stage in their pregnancy and for women in the preconception planning stage. This 10-week program aims to improve overall health of children, parents, and the family. Pregnancy is a sensitive time period that can be utilized to enhance resiliency in mothers and improve fetal health for lifelong impact. Set you and your baby up for success by starting early.

Partners and those in the preconception stage are welcome to attend.


Seminar: Mindful Meditation Workshop for Fertility and Pregnancy at Mastermind Meditation Studio, Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 1-3pm.

3858 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite 140
Dallas, TX  75219
(214) 522-4575

Make a group of your own! Gather 4 or more of your friends and I will host your group at my office or come to your local home.

Out of town or out of state? Stay tuned for web subscriptions to tutorial videos.

Guiding Children Through Mindfulness Practices Group

This group is designed specifically for children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. This 6-week program aims to improve overall physical and mental health for your child. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress, improve memory, raise test scores, increase concentration, increase creativity, improve productivity, and grow compassion and self-compassion. Of course you want that for your child. Imagine how their life would be different after learning mindfulness strategies. The family is always included at the end of each session. This is an important component of the training so that the children can teach their families what they learned and the families can know how to encourage their practice throughout the week.

Elementary School Group: dates and times coming soon

Middle School Group: dates and times coming soon

High School Group: dates and times coming soon

Teaching the Teacher Mindfulness Group

This group is designed specifically for teachers. There are three components: education on the methods, how to incorporate in the classroom, and how to engage in self-care. Teachers are a precious resource to our community and need to be cared for. Job performance, work/life balance, and burnout are major problems facing our teacher workforce today. Dallas ISD and the Dallas Police Department have recently begun training their teachers and officers in mindfulness to help with these very issues. In addition to the many other personal benefits, mindfulness training for teachers has shown results in their students with increased test scores, decreased discipline referrals, and improved conflict resolution.

If you are a school counselor interested in bringing this program to your school, please contact me. I am currently working with Lewisville ISD to make this happen for their teachers. I have also taught over 300 school counselors how to incorporate this in their school counseling programs and have heard of excellent results!

Group Date and Times: Coming soon.

Call 817-266-8676 to schedule your first appointment.