Sports, music, theater, broadcasting, and academics all require specific skill sets that take years of practice and training. Why would you not be training your mind as well? A strong mind set will separate your child from the competition and help them achieve the next goal. A quick google search will show that the NFL, MLB, and Olympians use mental training such as mindfulness, imagery, and hypnosis for performance enhancement. Performance therapy will help prepare your child for the next level or resolve a mental-block.

My approach to performance enhancement is holistic and looks at all aspects of the performer's life. I combine my training as a psychotherapist with my personal experience of being a Division I collegiate athlete, advisor to college athletes, and coach to some of the top volleyball players in the country.

Performance Enhancement for Your Child

  • Train the brain and develop a stronger mindset
  • Stress management for unhindered successful performance
  • Resolve performance or test anxiety

Performance Enhancement for Your Group

  • Skills training utilizing visual imagery, mindfulness, and relaxation training
  • Team building incorporating strengths assessments and communication skills

Meeting with teams in their home environment achieves the most successful outcomes. Call today to talk about scheduling a training in your facility.

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