Gen Z: Therapy with Today's Kids in Fort Worth, Texas for Texas Christian University on 11/2/19

Teaching Solution-Focused Group Therapy Using Reflecting Teams in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for SFBTA 11/8/19 and Dallas, Texas for TCA on 11/15/19

This presentation is part of the SFBTA Annual Conference for professionals. See www.sfbta.org/2019-conference for more information.


Ho'oponopono: Healing with Indigenous Hawaiian Wisdom in Dallas, TX for NTSCH on 9/6/19

-Conversational Hypnosis as an Intervention in Fort Worth, TX for FWAAMFT on 4/16/19

-Creating SF Thinkers: Using Ericksonian Principles as a Foundation for Teaching SFBT in a Master's Counseling Program in Boulder, CO for SFBTA 11/9/18

-Using the SFBT Thinking Break and End of Session Message as Ericksonian Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for NTSCH 9/7/18

-Mindfulness for Children: Dealing with Anxiety for Carroll ISD 2/28/18

-Mindfulness for Self-Care for School Counselors for Carroll ISD 12/13/17

-Guiding Children Through Mindfulness Practices for FWISD 12/5/17

-Mindfulness for Teachers for Lewisville ISD, 2017-2018 School Year

-Writing as an End-of-Session Practice: A Dialogical Twist in Santa Fe, New Mexico for SFBTA 11/9/17

-Mindful Meditation Workshop for Fertility and Pregnancy for MasterMind Meditation Studio 9/30/17

-Understanding Approaches to Hypnosis: Hypnoanalysis, Cognitive Behavioral, and Ericksonian for NTSCH 9/8/17

-Blended Families for PDC 8/31/17

-Raising Resilient Children for PDC 8/10/17

-The Road to Mindfulness: Guiding Children Through Mindfulness Practices for TSCA February 2017